Top Contemporary Artist Nomination

     Press release:
      Midland, N.C. - Stefan has been nominated with 60 artists for top contemporary artist of the world by  ArtTour International Magazine. Awards Night will be held in Florence, Italy. ATIM selected the top 60 artists that will be announced in a special edition in 2017 to their 2.1 subscribers in 189 countries.
"With ATIM's gathering of the top artists of the world is like the mountain top to me. ATIM is like a catapult to me as I sought to rise in the art world," said Stefan Duncan
"Stefan," said Vivivan Puello, editor-in-chief of ATIM, "has within him what it takes to become one of the greatest artists of our lifetime."
ATIM will be announcing within two weeks an exhibit in Canada and Italy they will be sponsoring for Stefan.
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