Sigh, just lost a whole page. One more time:

Yesterday was the worse moment... standing in parkinglot by car answering phone...corner of door bangs against ankle. Just come from driving to several places looking for my wallet. Get a call from Drui that publsihers need me to reshoot about 25 paintings for the pictures in Grandfather's Dream. I don't have half of the paintings and the other half, some are at different locations...sigh....and yesterday, while finishing up a convention in Corncord, N.C., I get a message that Dee Aughtman, who I have relations, collapsed at work, unable to move or speak and is taken to ICU, thoughts are that she has had a massive stroke.

Earlier, my agent in California, Danielle Arnaud, calls all excited that someone has paid 1.5k directly into her Paypal account for a painting posted on her website. I love listening to Danielle because she has a France accent. Everytime she calls, I have to put her on speakerphone for everyone around me to hear her. I feel so like an artist when she calls. Well, she is so excited telling me this and when she tells me which painting, my heart just dies... I had recently already sold the painting. So, this was what was going on yesterday.

Fortunately, I found my wallet; Dee had a migraine attack that masked for a stroke; I had a similar painting in my personal collection we are sending photo to buyer hoping they will like this one in place of the one already sold.

Sunday afternoon: Going to studio to reshoot photos for Grandfather's Dream. Work on inventory.

Several weeks now I have been blessed to have Carol Duncan, who happens to share my same last name, has taken the role as my personal assistant. She already holds a fulltime job and somehow puts in as many hours a day into my art. She is working on inventory, newsletter, twitt, facebook, finding events for me to do, communicating with event cordinators, creating a calendar, keeping commissions straight, taking info for buyers and fans, working on the contact list, telling me each day what pasture to graze.

It has been an unbelievable two weeks. It has taken me six months to get my life back into motion again, recovering from a relationship that had nearly cost me everything and the economy hitting. Instead of losing faith, I pulled myself up by the shoestrings and had the confidence that God would see me through. I have been working night and day and having Carol stepping in, sales started up again. Received a huge commission and been making literally a sale a day that has lifted me from the worry zone. I feel so blessed to do what I love for a living.

I am more determined than ever to do my mission I feel God has asked me to do - to give the world more Light through my paintings. I feel that I am in a way a kind of missionary.

Last Friday I was asked to talk about my life and what led me to become the artist I am today. The response I received was heartfelt. Several paintings were sold. From the last several weeks I have been adding the meanings and symbolism of my paintings to them when I post them on the internet. Been getting alot of feedback that my words were as strong as my paintings and I should put the two together. And after my talk, Carol and others thought I should start doing more talks at events because they are inspirational and motivational.

My goal is to become successful with my work so that it is seen around the world and respected in the art world.

May each of my paintings be like a dart that pierces the sky above, letting a little of the Divine Light trickle down. And after my death, may all my paintings form into a constellation in the sky so that generations to come will continue to see God's Light.

I am working as hard or harder today than when I discovered what my mission was over 12 years ago. I live to paint and paint to live. 100 percent artist. Everyday since my near death has been a given extention of life. I want to feel that at the end of my life I have left a great work behind that will continue to live after I am gone, works that will have impact and influences on the viewers that inspires faith, serenity, and love. That after a viewer looks at one of my paintings, they can move their gaze outdoors and see the Divine's Living Spirit and Light in nature as I have.

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