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Gia's Peace Day

Went to Gia's Peace Gathering today. Small little gathering with several artists and some of her friends from two to four today. May have a potential buyer to meet with us next week. Been kind of stiffled this week for inspiration with the question about the house, my pc, then my camera breaking down, then yesterday with the car accident. Tomorrow I actually don't have anything planned. I will try to get started tonight, then do the Bruno painting soon. 52 by 52.

Mary's LoveBug bites the dust

We got into the car. Mary is driving. We are going to the Charlotte Art League to pick up paintings, go back home, then go to Atlanta to the art gallery where we will have some people coming. All is good. We get to intersection of Ole Concord and N.Tryon. Light turns green. We pull into the intersection and a young girl going about 45 to 50 slams into the driver side bythe tire. Mary has hurt ribs and arm, her lower back hurts. I bumped my head, twisted my right arm and of course my left hip, and neck. I took some photos of the car. The young girl, while we were doing last talks with the police officers started putting her cell phone inches from my face and taking photos. Officer asked what she was doing, she said she wanted to show I had no bruises on my face so Iwould not sue her. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Officer explained the insurance companies will be dealing with the accident and all and that we will probably never see each other again. Mary's beautiful car sh…
Studying everything I can of Picasso trying to learn his magic and marketing. Abstract is interesting and will try to do some on occassion.

Trying to get the "Sacred Fire" in my paintings. Have done a few black and whites with red trees and seemed to be very popular. Meredith bought one of them. "What's Lost will be Found Again."

Sold a painting with a child's face over the tree. A woman said that was her departed child and got teary=eyed. I had wanted it to be that idea when I created it. Kristen said it was too sad and not to tell anyone, but when the lady said it, I told her and Kristen said she would never say anything about in that regard to paintings.

Also, now doing provanances? for the paintings and also doing little sketches like my dream of sitting at a restuarant and paying with a scribble from the pad I carry in my pocket. somehting that picasso did.

Dream - continue selling 5,000 paintings and them increase to 10,000 by Sept. and 50,000 by …

Commission freeze

March 25,2008

wow, where do I begin. A lady from metrolina asked if we would like to create a gallery in her live in work station on Walker Street in Atlanta. We did, getting there fourth friday of the month and set up two hours after getting there. Sold one painting with promise of other sells but had a nice turn out. It was a real hard drive back. Left like 1130 in the morning. Mary and I stopped at breaksfast at IHOP and got home around 530 a.m.

During the show, "Blaze of Twilight" was shown for the first time. I had her in the corner but strangely every person that entered or group went to that painting and spoke about the tree and the contrast and how it really stood out. We decided not to sell her and just keep her. In the three weeks since, I have two commissions on her. One of them is from Steinvern? they have bought several paintings from me. 14 coins for gambling, 25 years with yellow leaves for knowing each other.

Last week had two sisters walk into the stu…