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Oh, I will. I decided I am going to doing another series called "Ascension" because I do not think I created one painting for that exhibited series that expressed what I was trying to do. I'll do a painting of this in the series, then I am going to push myself past my limit what I want to create: beautiful figures ascending in exaltation into Heaven.

I want Ascension to be my most sacred series. I did not post one painting from the first "Ascension" series because there wasn't a single one that reached the height of what I wanted to express in it. But, with this new revision of "Ascension" I will. I imagine I will be starting on this around March after I return from an island I hope to spend a couple of weeks.

A truly successful painting to me is one that inspires "awe" from the viewer. I want paintings that demands the viewer's attention and gives them the impression that the painting was Divinely inspired. I wish I had the talent…
Today going to finish up Lois's painting and need to work very hard and long on new paintings that have the "awe" affect. No plans for tonight just staying home in my apartment. Met with Jack Grossman with my marketing person Debra Estrada. I have to do an American Heart Ball painting and a painting of Eagle's Nest mountain for Jack.
Though alienated, so distant from others, roots uprooted upon a world that seems so cold and frozen, the crown is radiant and blazing at the height of its glory, filled with such great bounty to give....but is it like the tree that falls in... the woods and no one hears? Or a Van Gogh whose life and works remained undiscovered? Does having true love or acceptence in the world really matter at all compared to what our faith hopes to believe is the Glory of God? Should we grieve and fret and scorn a world or even God for our hurts, our broken hearts, our disappointments or fate we deemed is jinxed and daggered with attempted loves with others? Or, through the chaotic cacophony of life, if we deafen ourselves to it, can you hear the sweet choir of angels sing of unconditional love and acceptence to our everlasting souls, where a greater glory awaits us? Is this just a folly, a dream or belief to aspirn the agony our fragile heart's expereinces and endures? Are we glorious blooming tr…

Uprooted tree