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When Bhutto falls the cries for freedom rise
The deodara is the Pakistan national tree. The moon and star are symbols on Pakistan's flag. The national flower is jasmine, that also represents Bhutto. The flower has fallen. There is a termite (whom the President of Pakistan recently used termites as a metaphor for terrorists) that has cut the flower down. The roses are America's national flower. Though Bhutto is departed, new buds rise.
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America's Van Gogh Painting Auction for Heart Association

"Hearts Heal" by Stefan Duncan will be auctioned at the annual Charlotte Heart Ball event on Feb. 9th, 2007 in Charlotte, N.C. The painting has been appraised at $10,000. All money is given to the American Heart Association. Those interested in bidding may contact Susan Fisher, coordiantor of the Charlotte Heart Ball at . Duncan's style is called "Squiggleism." He describes it as a Van Gogh dash with a twist. As a point is to pointilism, a squiggle is to squiggleism. There is a spirital side to this also. Most of Duncan's paintings have a source of light in them that represents the Divine. Each squiggle is a unit of the Divine. The symbolism for "Hearts Heal" is: the light is the Divine; the three waterfalls represent the Trinity. The flowing streams are healings. The small lake or water is symbolic of our faith. The two trees can be friends or lovers (showing the importance of human compassion and love). The root…

Dec. 20th, 2007

Created a newsletter and posted the icon to join on website. Painting Michelle Lee's christmas commissions today. Mailing several paintings today, one of them is for Meredith's commissioned wedding gift.

Kristen is following up on photo news release of "Heart's Heal" to send to Art Business News and Sophia's.

Must email allposters about Vincent Van Gogh site. I've sold also all of the paintings I've done of Van Gogh and I guess I will do more as a way of showing my appreciation of the man and for so many that love his work.

America's Van Gogh Painting Auction for Heart Association

Will be on Fox Rising Tuesday to show the painting, "Heart's Heal" for the 2008 Greater Charlotte Heart Heart for the American Heart Association. The painting is appraised at $10,000. It can be seen on the website The painting will be auctioned on Feb. 9th, during the Heart Ball event in Charlotte.

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Dec. 14, 2007

Sitting at home. I am preparing to do a painting for Matthew Paul Brown and Elizabeth McLean Brown of Pinnacle Sotheby's International Realty". that will be used as part of their logo. A branch of their's uses several Van Gogh paintings of houses. I may use the photo of the millionare home we sold paintings at during a open house showing.

Considering running to Fayetteville tomorrow to switch out "Magic Hour Over Lake Norman," from Ole Town Gallery and taking it to a potential buyer.

Emailed photos of "Heart's Heal," for the Charlotte Art Ball. Must call J. Graves with Fox to do Christmas show.