America's Van Gogh Painting Auction for Heart Association

"Hearts Heal" by Stefan Duncan will be auctioned at the annual Charlotte Heart Ball event on Feb. 9th, 2007 in Charlotte, N.C. The painting has been appraised at $10,000. All money is given to the American Heart Association.
Those interested in bidding may contact Susan Fisher, coordiantor of the Charlotte Heart Ball at .
Duncan's style is called "Squiggleism." He describes it as a Van Gogh dash with a twist. As a point is to pointilism, a squiggle is to squiggleism. There is a spirital side to this also. Most of Duncan's paintings have a source of light in them that represents the Divine. Each squiggle is a unit of the Divine.
The symbolism for "Hearts Heal" is: the light is the Divine; the three waterfalls represent the Trinity. The flowing streams are healings. The small lake or water is symbolic of our faith. The two trees can be friends or lovers (showing the importance of human compassion and love). The roots of the trees are in their "faith" - the water - absorbing the healing. The small red tree on the right of the painting represents hope.
Duncan has been called by some as one of the most prolific artists of the world. He creates and sells several hundred paintings a year. The dubbed Duncan as becoming the American Van Gogh. He is represented by galleries around the country. He lives in Charlotte where he teaches classes mainly for the fun of it at a Michael's store and from his studio at the Charlotte Art League downtown Charlotte. He makes regular appearances on Fox News Rising.
Duncan is also looking for galleries for solo exhibits, those interested in his dealer program, and of course media outlets for more exposure of his art.
Duncan's website is His manager, Kristen Oliver may be contacted at
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