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I am seeking to make Squiggleism a new branch of Impressionism.  Squiggleism is an impressionistic dash of unblended color with a curb or twist applied side by side in a staggered flowing movement.  Similar to pointillism in application but longer, flowing strokes.  For the spiritual aspect, each squiggle represents a unit of the Divine, or kind of Divine essence.  If the Great Creator spoke out of Nothingness, it was sound and vibration spreading outward. When slowing, physical elements begin to be created. 

Compared to Van Gogh's strokes: if Van Gogh's strokes were piano musical notes, they would be "ding, ding, ding, ding."  Compared to Stefan's strokes, it would be the same note but with the foot on the pedal, making the "ding" a  "DiiiNNNNggggg," longer and undulating.

The Squiggleism strokes be like musical notes with the various colors seen as tone.  Stefan often called his brush, 'my baton." 

2001 Stefan created a painting a…


Saw doctor today and trying some new meds.  It's been a combination of things blood sugar, asthma, neurological issues  possibly from head injury.  Had a fever and severe burning of feed to knees, then shoots up back of head and have a dream-like state that gives me this great life understanding...and when I pull myself out of it, I can't remember what it was. Ringing in left ear. 

With new meds and neurological testing hopefully we can get a handle on this and allow me to crawl out of myriad of issues. 

Want to really brighten the colors in the new paintings.  We also want to focus a lot on marketing to have my works start showing in the search images for like impressionism artists, impressionist artists, impressionism landscapes, impressionism great artists, American impressionists, American impressionism. 

We also are seeking to be represented by galleries across the country and world.  Will be happy to paint live at events, charities, etc.

My latest painting. This tree looks like it was literally pulled from the earth and is suspended in air. To the lower right are two balloons lifting a ladder upward. Some may see the tree as a kind of dream to reach or strive for. The balloons represent the will of the person to reach there. Very colorful and has great texture in the tree and unearthed roots. A modern contemporary impressionistic painting. My dream is to ascend to that level that when a person searches for today's top contemporary artist that I may be included. That's a very ambitious goal. There are thousands of great artists out there. I try to have a unique voice "style" but what I hope elevates my work is the symbolism or better yet, for the emotions it stirs in the viewers. I seek to pierce the veil over nature to reveal the Divine's symphonic movement of Light and music that others may hear through their eyes and into their hearts. - Stefan Duncan, April 15, 2015

Vincent, Could I Pull Up An Easel?

It is time to ascend.  After taking a few days to evaluate life,  my planned projects from a TV series to creating a national "tribe" of spiritual minded people, I had to make some decisions.  My main mission in my second chance of life is to give the world more "spiritual" Light through my paintings.  I had to stop the path I was going...exhaustion, ill, weight gaining, etc. and had to make some strategic withdrawals, thinking of family and the mission.  My mother also learned she has stage four cancer that I am sure added to my "awakening."

I have been given one of the greatest honors for me I could receive by David Wolk of the Van Gogh Gallery with "leading the contemporary impressionists" in becoming "America's Van Gogh."  Art Business News said I was "one of America's top rising artists."  The TV media has been very kind, WBTV, and of course, You and the others across the world who were kind enough to take the ti…

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