My latest painting. This tree looks like it was literally pulled from the earth and is suspended in air. To the lower right are two balloons lifting a ladder upward. Some may see the tree as a kind of dream to reach or strive for. The balloons represent the will of the person to reach there. Very colorful and has great texture in the tree and unearthed roots. A modern contemporary impressionistic painting. My dream is to ascend to that level that when a person searches for today's top contemporary artist that I may be included. That's a very ambitious goal. There are thousands of great artists out there. I try to have a unique voice "style" but what I hope elevates my work is the symbolism or better yet, for the emotions it stirs in the viewers. I seek to pierce the veil over nature to reveal the Divine's symphonic movement of Light and music that others may hear through their eyes and into their hearts. - Stefan Duncan, April 15, 2015
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