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Ink, the movie

Ink, the movie Wow, wow, wow. I am in awe of Director Jamin Winans storytelling and artistic style. I just watched Ink a second time and made even more discoveries of the story. He also wrote the music/soundtracks to Ink and The Frame. When I first discovered the music, I tried making a collection, then I heard music from a second movie that I also loved. I put the tracks together of the two movies into a playlist and several days later I discovered the same person wrote the music. If you get the chance watch this movie. It is a beautiful story of a father and a daughter, very heart felt and emotional in the flashback scenes that make you realize how precious time is and the special moments of joy, all of this is woven in a battle of the good and evil. I've not been in awe of a storyteller since I had those feelings when I read the Shining, Carrie, etc. of Stephen King when they first came out. The director also even shares in the concept of the "beat" or symphonic f…

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