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Today, got up early. Rode the bike doing errands. Tonight I have class. After class several friends from Cheap Joes are going to meet me at the Charlotte Art League to build a 8 by 5 foot canvas.

Been a wonderful week thus far. I don't want to put a cap on my okay I made it to my good point...but to continue bypassing that level by 100 fold.

A Great Work of Art

Like music, art is a langauge. It is emotion and energy created with passionate strokes so the painting communicates with the viewer. It brings a combination of self experience and what the artist seems to be expressing. It is a melody conducted by the artist and the viewer with their own instrument of experience joins in the melody.... It is a great work that a viewer can participate emotionally with a creation by an artist. It is a melody or symphonic movement the viewer joins with natural ease and joins in play and moves with the artist in unison like a flock of birds making a turn.
What a day. Woke up at 6 a.m. and begin doing work on the internet. At 11 a.m. met Carol, personal assistant, at Charlotte Art League. We pulled out, took down, listed and numbered, photographed, restacked, over 100 paintings today. I get home at midnight. Suppose to send photos of the paintings in Grandfather's Dream because the resolution is not good enough. If my 12.3 pixel can't do it, then a professional will have to.
Dee finally returned home after she collapsed the other day. She had a stress related cogulated migrane that masked her sypthoms of a massive stroke.
Sigh, just lost a whole page. One more time:

Yesterday was the worse moment... standing in parkinglot by car answering phone...corner of door bangs against ankle. Just come from driving to several places looking for my wallet. Get a call from Drui that publsihers need me to reshoot about 25 paintings for the pictures in Grandfather's Dream. I don't have half of the paintings and the other half, some are at different locations...sigh....and yesterday, while finishing up a convention in Corncord, N.C., I get a message that Dee Aughtman, who I have relations, collapsed at work, unable to move or speak and is taken to ICU, thoughts are that she has had a massive stroke.

Earlier, my agent in California, Danielle Arnaud, calls all excited that someone has paid 1.5k directly into her Paypal account for a painting posted on her website. I love listening to Danielle because she has a France accent. Everytime she calls, I have to put her on speakerphone for everyone around …
Sunday. I think I got five hours sleep...that's a record. Yesterday had a hour of not finding my wallet; worried over a purchase of a painting that had already been sold had a painting from personal collection of the same one so presenting to buyer to see if they would like this one in place of the other; Lois said publishers for Grandfather's Dream needed me to reshoot all of my paintings for a better resolution. Dee collasped at work. She was taken to ICU. She could not move or talk. I was told it appeared she had a massive stroke. Then later in the night started getting texts from her. Her mind seemed intact. And as time passed, she seemed to be getting better. MRI yesterday showed she had this magrine that masked as a stroke. BIG SIGH.

Carol Duncan, who started working with me several weeks ago, as assumed the title of "personal assistant." She thought that sounded more Hollywoodish :) . She puts in a day's work everyday into marketing and organiz…