Sunday. I think I got five hours sleep...that's a record. Yesterday had a hour of not finding my wallet; worried over a purchase of a painting that had already been sold had a painting from personal collection of the same one so presenting to buyer to see if they would like this one in place of the other; Lois said publishers for Grandfather's Dream needed me to reshoot all of my paintings for a better resolution. Dee collasped at work. She was taken to ICU. She could not move or talk. I was told it appeared she had a massive stroke. Then later in the night started getting texts from her. Her mind seemed intact. And as time passed, she seemed to be getting better. MRI yesterday showed she had this magrine that masked as a stroke. BIG SIGH.

Carol Duncan, who started working with me several weeks ago, as assumed the title of "personal assistant." She thought that sounded more Hollywoodish :) . She puts in a day's work everyday into marketing and organizing this huge mountain of things to do.... creating a newsletter, updating contacts, finding events to sign up for, contact event cordinators, d
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