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Friday, February 23, 2007

Four a.m. in the morning. Earlier we went to Pressimi's. Bret isn't doing national franchise until he establishes four resturants in Charlotte and see that they are doing well. He has a really nice family. We met his brother and sister and wife. He said that we should get together and have a couple of bottles of wine and brain storm actions to take to advance my art.A lady had gone to his website and then mine. She was happy to meet me and wants to buy a small painting from me. An employee wants to have a dog portrait made. The dog is named Angel and is a wolf.Dione had come by today and helped Mary with her email. Dione is trying to get me two different teaching jobs. One of them is in Kannapolis, N.C. in their recreation department and another is in Concord Mills Co-op. More details on that coming soon.Got up with James Spillson. He wants me to send him photos of what I am doing now. He said he is going to send me 1,000.00 for future paintings.Carolina York wants two paintings for her gallery in Florida. Also, I am suppose to go to Kudzu gallery in Ponce de Leon to check it out and to turn in a resume for possible solo show.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just left from Michaels. Teresa was there; Julia/Dan/Baby. Joey was picked up by me. I did a Mudan painting again with a brillant white sunrise with a blue/red/yellow sky. Going to do water and trees there.Spoke to Stallings. All is good. He mentioned sending me 1,000 in cash for future paintings to do. He just got back from Chicago. His cell phone number is 734-306-3061. He wants me to email him some photos of my new paintings.Joey and I ate at Chick Filet, then went to Micheals. Julia is working on her first sky with a sunset. Teresa did a green black background for a rose she is going to paint.Mary is in her office. She bought a large chocolate milk. Yesterday was kind of a bad day for her mentally.
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Saturday, September 09, 2006

got a call from alton medling's wife that I met at the Metrolina the last show about putting my paintings in hendersonville, and a gallery in asheville. Also, about putting some small ones in a store in kannapolis. they are also planning to sell at Scot's in Atlanta and Washington D.C. and will take some of my paintings. They were the reason for the "Sacred Grove" I wrote last night and inclued in blog.704-392-2529 work for Alton and home after five for Mrs. at 704-795-2015. They live in Concord.Max and friend out mowing yard.Saw the movie The Protector with Joey last night. Joey is my student I've had since he was 11. He's actually graduating form High School this year - oh my god. He's like a son to me. No one was in theater at the time, he walked down asile thanking all for recieving the academy award and did the funkiest craziest dance in front of the screen. what a jokester.mary bit by fire ant going out of town tomorrow for several days real estate convention. I am going to be doing heavy duty painting.Never heard back from the lady that called to buy my painting. she was to email me contact information. great. I knew the moment she said she would just do that not call. That happens like about over half the time....Last weekend, lady to buy eight paintings.......... doesn't come back.man to buy a 450.00 painting haven't got their check yet.lady just mentioned not sent emailgirl about the pbs show not calledthomas from nancy thomas not called. called his number get a leave a number message, nt gallery said he will be in on Monday...wooo ... wanted to ask his friend advice about N.Y.
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Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday........prices on paintings.
The Sacred GrovePrelude: I withheld prices so that the everyday person could have one of my paintings. However, due to the international exposure and galleries that are requesting to sell my work will only allow them to be sold at certain prices, chances must be made Another thing is, if an artist puts a low price on a painting the potential buyer assumes it is value the artist appreciates it as. The time has come now to rise into the "Fine Art" realm if I am to be taken serious. I seek to become an artist working on a mission to create as many and as good a painting as I can that unveils the Divine Essence in every living thing. For years my faithful fans have contributed to my career through their purchases allowing me to continue my work. I will never forget them. I still need them. So, we will begin now step by step to inner the new phase of my career. It will move by one painting at a time. To start, gyclees will be made of "The Lady in Red," "The Loch," and "Divine Love." It will be several months for the transition to complete so now is the time to invest. Gyclees will be selling for the price of the originals. Originals will be appraised and priced by the galleries. We have small posters available now at "Stefan's Store," on this site. This new season is approaching. Now, for the "Sacred Grove." At a renaissance festival I saw a sign once that read, "Here Be Dragons." It was a ceramic store that sold dragons and knights and princesses. It seem such a dramatic title. The time has come for the Sacred Grove to be born. "Here Be the Living Spirit". Pretend you are walking along a wooded path. The day is overcast and gloomy. A mild breeze does blow. Up ahead there seems to be a soft brightening at the far end of the path. There is a glow. The sky beyond is crystal blue as the ocean's gulf stream. The colors are vibrant and alive. There's a tingle in the air. Every leaf. every blade of grass, lady bug, an opening thistle, a chirping cricket, an air borne dragonfly... all seem so filled with teeming life....and all connected as One Life, One Spirit, One loving Divine God. This is the place of paradise where joy and serenity go hand and hand. It is the place where Love reigns. It is our afterlife home, our Heaven. A painting does not enter here unless it has come from heart and soul where the Divine resides.Welcome to The Sacred Grove.Saw the Protector with Joey. Back at home. Doing a painting that was going to kind of be like Van Gogh's vase with irises, but for the background I started in the center like a sun and started going around and around and loosening up into squiggles. It looked pretty good and several people said I shouldn't put a vase over it. So instead, I am taking the line of the table and making into a bank meeting a narrow river and will have this short stubbing like trees around.Feeling something empty inside me. Canceled meeting Denise at CAL. I hate the drive from University City where I live to the road going through downtown.Had a lady call from CAL inquiring abuot doing the Loch. I asked for her contact info and she said she would email it to me. She was to commission me and of course she never sends it. God, howmany times do I hear people that say they are going to do something then never follow through, they say they are going to buy something and will be back and never show.
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Miracle I found this. PC crashed again. Alright I'll start leaving my information here and all my little thoughts. I'm going to just back up everything once a week. Got the whole collection of Van Gogh's works. I am going to start from his first to his last. Work with them but with my own subject and style to perfect my own. I want to work hard as him and be known that I actually passed him with the amount of work. He only had 10 years to paint. But, he started a decade earlier than me. It shall be interestings.
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Thursday, August 24, 2006

going to Fayetteville tomorrow
Stayed up all night watching the Corner series on HBO. Painting a Charleston, S.C. coastline scene like an earlier one for a commission. This one the surface is wilder.Taught class at Charlotte Art League.Picked up paintings from the Manor Theater. Had sold one from there.Went to Harry's and picked up van and left Lincoln.Mary cleaning house because Dianne coming over to watch Marge for a bit while Mary goes with me to Fayetteville Gallery art crawl night. Teach Saturday at Cape Fear Studio there at Fayetteville. Tonight will work more on Charleston painting and will clean some, Mary in angry state of mind when cleans. Had a great talk with Harry tonight. He's like a brother in ways, both of us rising above and working hard.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Red Tree triptic
Put this on Ebay. This is my first three-canvas painting. Have five people watching it. One emailed me from Canada and asked how much it would be to ship it. Sold two - three set gycless on Ebay today. I shipped Maternal today to a man in S.C. and it costs like 22.00 for the box and 30.00 to ship it. Ouch.....Had a good time for Easter at Mom's. Missed Abbigail. Had to leave the table when she was talked about. We worked on Mom's yard, Mary and I, Marge was with us. We gave Annette her painting back to do another for us.
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this is a copy and wonder how it will work.
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Earlier on April 1
April 1, 2006Sat. at the Metrolina Expo in Charlotte, N.C. I think I sold three paintings and three prints today. Since Jan. 1, I think I have sold about 47 paintings. Today sold one large one with a red tree on a hill, by an lake with sun rising. I sold it half price like $350.00.Mary, lady selling linen at next booth had me do a rooster for her. It was a 250.00 painting did it for her for 75.00, the lowest I've sold in over a year I think. Most of the booth people had a bad day. I am so lucky to have done as well as I have. Fourth Friday of July sold 17 paintings in two hours at Ole Town Gallery. I'm painting one painting a day. The portfolio we have of photos of some of my paintings total over 200. My goal is to have over 1,500 paintings in my life. I am going to start keeping this diary and do back ups and send to my mom I guess. I'm afraid what to write.... especially the daily life situations. Meaning... like the little spats.... like got paint on the bed so we don't talk and she don't help me at the busiest time of the year.. this show. I think I was the only person manning a spot by my self out of the hundred plus dealers. Been painting from 7:30 to 5 p.m., then several hours last night at Charlotte Art League. Did a triple canvas painting.. .red background tree... with electric blues. Entered in a jury show today at CAL with triple painting and a Trinity Lake series. It was $15.00 to enter. Going to talk to Jazz on Tuesday about doing a mural on the side of my building at North Davidson by the Little Theater. Not getting paid but figure it would be great ad for my art.Tonight, wrote the exe. editor of Fay. Observer about Milly saying she would never do an article on me because I painted too much like "you know who." I explained in depth the differences to the editor, hope I didn't wear him out. I requested they do a story on me. We'll see.
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same morning
Wed - Sunday did the Metrolina Expo. Sold over a 12 paintings. For the first couple of days seemed like I wasn't going to sell anything. It was a strange crowd. Had two people swear they were coming back. One said just going to car to get a camera to take a photo of me next to the painting.I have been looking at Ebay at Osnat and Girelli artists. They sell a dozen paintings every several days. Osnat says she sold 1,500 paintings in 3 years??? And she only started painting three years ago.... She does abstract. Wow, that is just so hard to believe that someone outdoes me. Of course it make take longer to do my impressionism scenes than her abstracts.My goal is to be America's Van Gogh, but using my own artstyle of Squigglism. I paint everyday. It costs like $30.00 a day for me to paint and to have a place at metrolina is 250.00 a month. So when I sell several paintings the money is gone. I'm the little hampster on the spinning wheel.I use acrylic paints. I do not blend my colors together but put them side by side. It is a kind of pointilism except they are squiggles than dots. Van Gogh's dashes are like simple short piano notes or if words, "wait! stop! don't! run!" while mine are like sustained piano notes. I try to express both jubilation and serenity at the same time doing strokes like musicial notes that are seen in everything that exists.
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April 4, 2006Nice day. 7:30 a.m. Waiting to see if Mary rises for us to take a walk in the park. Trying to lose weight. Was 265, now 252? Go to weight watchers tomorrow. At 1 p.m. going to talk to "Jazz" at Real Eyes about doing a mural on the side of his bookstore. Also am planning to do a mural on the outside of Charlotte Art League. I think that will be good exposure for me. Thinking of doing a Trinity Lake for there.
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Friday........prices on paintings.

Miracle I found this. PC crashed again. Alright I'...
going to Fayetteville tomorrow
Red Tree triptic
this is a copy and wonder how it will work.
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