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Upcoming Exhibits

Nov. "2009 Ole Town Gallery," Fayetteville, North Carolina
Dec. 2009 . Kentucky
Feb. 2010 planning in the works for L&B Gallery and Westwood Country Club in Alexandra, Va.

Summer of 2010: London.
Fall of 2010 Saudis Arabia

Going Underground

As of midnight tonight, I will be going "underground" where Kristen will be the only communication I have with the outside world. I want to devote my full attention to "Ascension" and I will not ascend from the studio until I have some completed works and well on my way. I created a page on the website that explains ASCENSION.

"The idea of Ascension for my works is the exalted state of elation before entering the eternal spiritual realm of Heaven. After hardships overcome by perseverance and hope, it is the time between realization of faith confirmed and entering the Heaven dreamth a lifetime., " Stefan Duncan. (The paintings may be symbolic of any adversity overcome and the elation of victory.)

"May Divine inspiration enter my mind, heart, and brush as I begin the most sacred project I have ever done." Though the first exhibit may consist of 30 paintings, this project will be ongoing like a Walt Whitman poem. My dream is to create a paint…


Alexandra Art Show "Luminous"

We held the show at Liz and Bill's home and courtyard. Liz was the first person to buy a painting from me in 2001. She and her husband have a beautiful home and invite their art collector friends and associates connected to art galleries.

We got there on Friday night. We setup on Saturday morning in time for the 4 inch rain to come for the next 24 hours. We had six groups of people that were going to buy art not to show. We only sold one painting, but had alot of interest. Next morning, we contacted those close by that couldn't come to come and snatched a few neighbors in the area and the day after the show we sell eight paintings. We left two behind for two of our previous collectors that could not make the show. Faye, who we met at the first show six months ago, bought the portrait of her as a tree. Her husband is one of the managers for WestWood Country Club and we are preparing to submit proposals for a commission in the club and to also possibly do a show in Febur…

Events in last weeks.

Went to Hilton Head with Roger to kayak. Meet a wonderful family that collects art and who helped a married couple that are art brokers. We are seeing if we can work something out with representing me in the auction houses and the local galleries in Hilton Head.

During the stay... while on water... "Roger yelled, do you want to go to shore?" And I thought he said, "Do you want to go to the store?" The shore was straight ahead. Going to the store met going back a mile to our launch point and getting out of the water. He went one way, I went the other.