Alexandra Art Show "Luminous"

We held the show at Liz and Bill's home and courtyard. Liz was the first person to buy a painting from me in 2001. She and her husband have a beautiful home and invite their art collector friends and associates connected to art galleries.

We got there on Friday night. We setup on Saturday morning in time for the 4 inch rain to come for the next 24 hours. We had six groups of people that were going to buy art not to show. We only sold one painting, but had alot of interest. Next morning, we contacted those close by that couldn't come to come and snatched a few neighbors in the area and the day after the show we sell eight paintings. We left two behind for two of our previous collectors that could not make the show. Faye, who we met at the first show six months ago, bought the portrait of her as a tree. Her husband is one of the managers for WestWood Country Club and we are preparing to submit proposals for a commission in the club and to also possibly do a show in Feburary.

This "Luminous" was the highest income of any of my shows. Thanks Bill and Liz!!! We will be doing another show in Feb. around the same weekend of the WestWood show... if all goes according to plan.
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