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It's Feb now and over a year been here, wow.  Okay. I just published "The Swordslinger" It is available now on Amazon to download to pc/kindle/ipad.  The paperback and hardback will be available in a few days as also with Barnes and Nobles.

I am still working on the first book for the Raven's Light. I hope to finish it up within four weeks.  I am going to Wekiva Island in Fla. a week from now as part of their Plein Art Paint Out event. They invite among the top 30 artists of that genre in the country to participate.  They really great us wonderful.  Food. Drink. Shelter.  A big area to paint. What else could you ask for.

I am very excited that I finally got my first book published.  It has always been a dream that I put aside after my accident and coma.  I am back writing with a fury with years to make up and just elated and over the moon my books are coming out....shooting for three a year for the next four years.

My old highschool sweetheart found me.  We met at Wi…