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Forthcoming novel by Stefan Duncan. "The Murder Of Ravens."
"A blend of Stephen King, True Detective and alot of ravens. A pyschological thriller that captures you from the first page to the last."  A contemporary murder tale in a small lake community whose children are threatened by a vicious killer with a mysterious link to ravens.  A battle worn city police officer becomes sheriff in what he hoped would be a vacation at a resort literally turns the lake blood red in what makes his concealed PSTD a sip of sweet tea.  The story is unrelenting, in your face, present time as it happens all from the perspective of Frank Lone, Sheriff, who has brought his family of wife and daughter to Lake Waccamaw to an unkindness of ravens.  Click to "The Murder Of Ravens" facebook page to join Stefan along this journey.  Book will include character and action scene photos with several promo videos.


"No other artist in the world paints like Stefan Duncan. Each painting consists of thousands of strokes of unblended color. Although he has been recognized around the world as America's Van Gogh, Stefan has created his own unique voice with Squigglism that  may define him as one of the greatest artists of our generation. With his paintings he unveils the inner woven connection of all that exists that is a living, spiritual essence. His art transcends borders, races, and religions that inspires peace, love, and hope with one another. All life and living nature is sacred. " from Raven light Publishing.  "The Wishing Staring Star" Acrylic and Prismacolor of acid free paperboard. By Stefan Duncan.

Top Contemporary Artist Nomination

Press release:
      Midland, N.C. - Stefan has been nominated with 60 artists for top contemporary artist of the world by  ArtTour International Magazine. Awards Night will be held in Florence, Italy. ATIM selected the top 60 artists that will be announced in a special edition in 2017 to their 2.1 subscribers in 189 countries.
"With ATIM's gathering of the top artists of the world is like the mountain top to me. ATIM is like a catapult to me as I sought to rise in the art world," said Stefan Duncan "Stefan," said Vivivan Puello, editor-in-chief of ATIM, "has within him what it takes to become one of the greatest artists of our lifetime."
ATIM will be announcing within two weeks an exhibit in Canada and Italy they will be sponsoring for Stefan.

Hitting A Wall

Ever since I have been nominated as one of the world's top contemporary artists, I feel stifled . Everything I do now I look at with an overly critical eye and find faults overshadowing the beauty in the works.  I look at all these other great artists with such respect.  Sigh. I just have to get over this and think - the successful painting is when you do the best you can and express yourself truly. So if not by talent and skill, I win the viewer's heart for them knowing I did the best I could and somehow with what skill I have, I've captured the soul and emotions of the subject.  Weeks have passed and everything I have not in this period I look at with dread and shamefulness.  On some of them I was painting live with only two hours and the paintings have a rushed, incomplete look - I guess what do you expect...  I have to force myself back into this and just take my time and do the best I can and not worry about the rest.  Each day I say tomorrow I will begin again, then …

Nominated Top Master Contemporary Artist

Stefan Duncan has been nominated with 60 other artists for top master of contemporary art of the world to be announced May 27th, in Florence, Italy, during ArtTour International's Awards Night. "Stefan has within him what it takes to become one of the greatest artists of our lifetime," Viviana Puello, editior-in-chief of ARTtour International Magazine.

This is a test disregard

FEB 3. 2017 Sunset by Stefan Duncan

Sunset at Midland, N.C.

Rare appearring

About the third public appearance in 20 years not painting at event. Won't be shore how to handle myself.