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2014 Painting A Day Series @ $100

To promote my work and give a chance for those that cannot afford my higher priced paintings, I will do one painting a day for a year.  My mission with my art has always been to give the world more Light through my art and making my work available only to those of the more successful in life would undermine my mission.  These paintings will be posted on EBAY and several other outlets for the public to buy.

Gogh down

A little down today.  Recovering from sore throat.  Have to get up 530 am.  Listening to Dean Kontz's      Winter's  Moon.  Actually about three weeks down.  Today still tired.  May have in mixture artist depression.  Have painting starting today for a church in Huntersville that lost six members in a bus accident several months ago.  Donating the painting.  May be doing a fundraiser painting with with Janet Devin from Ireland that was a sensation on Britain's X Factor.  I was really moved by her voice,  shyness, and soulful eyes.   I've been a little down with three years ago doing so great with painting, but now this Christmas a little dismayed with the paintings and public wanting.  After over ten years of steady climbing suddenly drops.  I am sure much is due to economy.... Maybe a little.  It hurts as an artist putting heart and soul into the work to give the world more Light.  Especially frustrating when a man Fernanaz, tried with murder, then arrested for assaul…

Yellow River to brighten your day.

The Greatest Gift.

Remember the greatest gift to give is love. We get so concerned over gifts and worries of money that it undermines our hopes to give and receive happiness. There is nothing as valuable and important that family love. With the modern world, the social benefits, the relocations for jobs, also seems a concerted effort to conquer and divide. Mothers are encouraged to be single ...for more benefits. Tax rewards and benefits should go to taxing only one spouse or something..... I am dedicating my artwork for 2014 to the Light Of America....celebrating the Light of the Divine seen so purely and experienced in nature in the world our ancestors lived and valued as sacred..... And yes we will never forget the losses and horrors that befell Native Americans at the coming of the Europeons, but I believe there is good in the country's founding ideas of freedom, the right of speech, religion, and that all men are born equal. I believe the founding fathe…


"LIGHT OF AMERICA" 2014. Through our art, our words, our actions, let us shine with the Light. Let us be proud. Let us feel honor. Let us feel American. Let us be the shining beacon to the world and be the brightest star in sky. Shine on, America. Stand tall. Our torch is falling....grab hold....and lift it higher than before!

2014. MY MISSION AS AN AMERICAN ARTIST. I seek to glorify the Light within the beauty of the untainted American idealism founded under the concept of Christianity, yet respecting the freedom of its people in speech and all religions long as it hurts none. Like capturing the time of innocence of a child that knows no concept of racism, of superiority over another, where dreams can be achieved t...hrough hard work, family ties go unbroken, where giving is rewarded, older age is respected, youth is deemed the most precious commodity, and land as sacred as our churches. This is the America I seek to recapture by my works and actions. This is the yea…


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. On Dec. 23, my books, "SWORDSLINGER, CREMATORY, SKELETAL SONGS," can be downloaded for free. We had three books published this year and plan that many next year. I've always had dreamt of being a successful author. Hopefully, CREMATORY will be my debut movie, with follow up movies with my other books. We have three books planned 2014. I hope you give me a read/chanc...e and really like my stories. A tale is not a tale unless someone hears/reads it... kind of like does a tree make a sound when it falls in the woods and no one is there to hear. I put my heart and soul into my books and seek to create really good stories, interesting characters, suspense.....rollercoaster rides of emotions...cinematic books where you are there, see, feel, and live there. Please leave your reviews, spread the word on the books. I really want to create a strong fan base. Thanks everyone and for the well wishes on my health. Okay, going to crash for a bit so …