MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. On Dec. 23, my books, "SWORDSLINGER, CREMATORY, SKELETAL SONGS," can be downloaded for free. We had three books published this year and plan that many next year. I've always had dreamt of being a successful author. Hopefully, CREMATORY will be my debut movie, with follow up movies with my other books. We have three books planned 2014. I hope you give me a read/chanc...e and really like my stories. A tale is not a tale unless someone hears/reads it... kind of like does a tree make a sound when it falls in the woods and no one is there to hear. I put my heart and soul into my books and seek to create really good stories, interesting characters, suspense.....rollercoaster rides of emotions...cinematic books where you are there, see, feel, and live there. Please leave your reviews, spread the word on the books. I really want to create a strong fan base. Thanks everyone and for the well wishes on my health. Okay, going to crash for a bit so I can get well.....just so much to write to create.
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