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Raven's Light

For several months I have been working on a fantasy ep ic called "Raven's Light". It is about never losing faith, of hanging on no matter how small the glimmer of hope my be. I finished the first part in screenplay form yesterday. It was around 138 pages. Working on the second episode. Either it will be a movie or animation...a trilogy or a series. The greatest pleasure of Raven's Light is participating in the journey of it with your characters. They become real. My editors and family talk about them as if they live down the street or family members. Music is the key. I am listening to the soundtrack of Skyrim for more the action parts and traveling. I discovered this group from Spain called Narsilion. OMG, they are etheral/ambient dreamlike fairytale of beauty and sadness. Their song "A Night In Fairyland" fits so perfect with the most dramatic scenes in Raven's Light/episode I. I cried three days listening to that and writing the scene.…

Between Mortal and Divine

I know the difference between Mortal and Divine.....from what I see with my what comes out on the canvas. Something so beautiful you could never wholly recreate. You can only do the best you can and hope it is enough of a glimmer of what you imagined to delight the viewer.