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American Van Gogh Facebook Page Created

"Fifteen years ago, thevangoghgallery.comgave me the greatest of honors of dubbing me the "American Van Gogh." Art design students from around the world are doing papers on my 'Squiggleism, Living Spirit Art,' . I am making 2016 my year of getting my work known around the world. My mission is to aid in the illumination of the world through by art by creating works unveiling the Living Spirit in nature to inspire hope, peace, and love."
I hope all had a wonderful Christmas.  I am back home with Karen from our visit to my mother's today.  Tomorrow, hopefully will have crematory scanned in pc so I can begin on that and to finish the commission of the Waterhouse style painting.  Really yearning to get my motorcycle back on the road.
After many hours of painting on Waterhouse style painting today, I'll begin the process of last edit on CREMATORY. From brush to it. Cranking up the I take up the brush...may my passions and the vision within transcribe to the canvas before me. 
I have Swordslinger Book 2 to do for next year. A good plot crystallized for me.  A new nemesis comes into being and goes through the motions of developing his skills and new stone power as Samuel and Heather move further into the Highlands to start their own farm. 
Raven's Light will follow Swordslinger.  Inbetween these will be working on Waccamaw - the series to see if I can bring it together.  In addition to all this, I will be painting like a madman and marketing hard as I can....while listening to sad instruments that really go deep into my soul.  It is like a haunting of something loss or feeling you are suppose to be somewhere the dramatic life of your characters.
Waiting for about 3…
The Artist Music Guild Heritage Awards Night. Thank all of you for making this one of the most glorious moments of my life. Thank you David L Cookand my peers to let a guy from Monroe, North Carolina know that someone was noticing. And for you, David Lee....for capturing the moments now forever engraved in my heart. I dedicated this award to the two ladies in my life. My mother, Betty Ward whose prayer from her lips to God's ears brought me to life after I was unplugged to die. And, the second lady, is my wife, Karen Duncan whose love and faith in me continues to sustain me. The event is to be telecast on PBS to an estimated 16 million viewers and 17 countries.
The moment said I was leaving Facebook, I started getting messages. Each very inspiring....and OMG, possibility of more projects with writing and filming..... I need three of me with 60 hour days. I'm not getting any younger and I got to get my dreams into the beginning to happen phase. 2/3 art 1/3 writing, then taking a 1/3 into filming for 2016. Sure, it'll all come together...especially for the filming.... camera, sound, locations, wardrobe/sets, all the little things used in each scene, actors, editors, distributor, writing, script-supervising, directing, painting, marketing, exhibits, events, no problem...will be a breeze and fall all into place, no rush...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. But however crazy all it is, man....I love every minute of it. Conceive, create, publish/production - I'm riding the raven. Between Christopher Forbes ,David L Cook and I, we're gonna rename Monroe, North Carolina into Hollynashwood. Christopher, David, anytime you guys lik…
I am currently working on a commission of which the client would like herself to be the damsel with a knight in a Waterhouse style painting.  I am doing this work in prismacolor and acrylic on acid free paper.  It takes much longer to complete but wanted to see it in this media of which I feel I can capture a kind of Divine ethereal effect with the lighting.  I will post the painting here when it is completed.


As my 59th birthday approached, I begin to ask a lot of questions to myself about my life, what was left of it, where I was, and what I wanted....what was REALLY the most important things.  Since 2001 I have dedicated my life to become an artist with the mission to give the world more Light, Hope, and Love through my paintings.  I was sitting at the Charlotte Art League in Fayetteville, looking down on the painting I just created, "The Glory Tree."  I started getting compliments from the people walking past it.  I studied the work, wondering what in the world did I do that it was drawing such attention.  The tree seemed ready to burst with this triumphant shout to the world.....what?  I looked at it ...then this popped in my mind.  It seemed to be saying like, "I FOUND MYSELF! THIS IS WHAT I'M SUPPOSE TO DO!"  And I wondered, what in the heck was a tree suppose to do???? Then it hit me like a born idiot with a sudden Einstein cosmo formula conceived..... That t…