After many hours of painting on Waterhouse style painting today, I'll begin the process of last edit on CREMATORY. From brush to it. Cranking up the I take up the brush...may my passions and the vision within transcribe to the canvas before me. 

I have Swordslinger Book 2 to do for next year. A good plot crystallized for me.  A new nemesis comes into being and goes through the motions of developing his skills and new stone power as Samuel and Heather move further into the Highlands to start their own farm. 

Raven's Light will follow Swordslinger.  Inbetween these will be working on Waccamaw - the series to see if I can bring it together.  In addition to all this, I will be painting like a madman and marketing hard as I can....while listening to sad instruments that really go deep into my soul.  It is like a haunting of something loss or feeling you are suppose to be somewhere the dramatic life of your characters.

Waiting for about 30 minutes for the paints to dry on this Waterhouse inspired painting.  Damsel sitting on a log or rock with knight leaning toward her for a kiss...and she is pulling him toward her by his scarf.  

Last couple of days been posting announcements about Swordslinger, Raven's Light, and Crematory. I don't think I got one like on any of them.  That's really encouraging.  Of late, I am getting the idea how Van Gogh was feeling....doing all of this creating without much re- enforcement, praying its not all self-ego delusional that your work is beautiful.  I keep thinking what Stephen King said about how to tell if you are talented.... He said, you create something and send it out to the public.  A check comes.  You are able to cash the check and pay the bills.  Right now...seems like two years.....I shouting out and all you hear is your echo.  The sells trinkle in sparingly. Just enough to keep you going.  I pray it kicks starts back into high gear when I start seeking to exhibit in the higher end galleries and museums.  I'm waiting for several inquiries now. 
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