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SWORDSLINGER is only $11.86 on paperback and $2.99 on ebook.  Hope you enjoy and send a review. :)

Swordslinger Ranks #5 Contemporary Fantasy on Amazon

Swordslinger reached the top five in Contemporary Epic Fantasy Ebooks on Amazon within 48 hours of promotions.  This has been a great inspiration for me of which I owe thanks to Karen Troutman Bell for marketing and to all the readers.  Over a thousand downloads were made yesterday that bumped us to #5.

The series has at least two more books with Samuel and his sword. I don't know how I'm going to top the plot for Book 2.  I'm going to go where few fiction writers have gone.  With all of my books I seek to dive as deep as possible into their psyche. They ask questions and evolve with their experiences as they move along the plot.

With my paintings I always have a source of Light in them to show no matter how dark the world can be, the Light was always be there,  There's a line in my next novel "Ravens Of Light" where a character says, "The darker the dark, the brighter the Light."  I always capitalize Light to associate light with the spiritual.  I …
Swordslinger ranked #6 on Amazon's Epic Fantasy Ebooks today.  We had around 1,000 downloads of the story today.  This is only our second week.  We need 2,000 more sales to become a bestseller status, though getting into the top ten sounds just as sweet. 

Thanks to the hard work of Karen of promoting, she's made the beginning of a lifelong dream come true.

Withdrawaling from FaceBook

Starting tomorrow I will not be as active on FB.  When not writing or painting I'll do updates with blogging. My paintings will be posted on the blog and maybe they'll have it worked where it will be posted from blogger to FB.  Our free ebook of Swordslinger ends today.