This evening I am beginning a new painting of a tree filled with leaf, branches, geometric designs, swirls, a kaleidoscopic crown of colors with shimmering, light reflecting golds, silvers, bronzes, seeing this would be like approaching a galaxy from afar that is pregnant with sapphire and emerald stars.  And when a person enters a room where this painting is hanging, her presence shall capture their attention, mesmerizing them like the spell of a beautiful woman.  "Tree Of Creation".   Now I must work to create such a painting worthy of those words.  At the age of 60, I seek to create my greatest works yet that people will one day say, this is what he was born to do.

Purple Hazed by Stefan Duncan


Stefan Duncan Nominated as Best Freelance Visual Artist by Artists Music Guild

Stefan Duncan of Midland, N.C. was recognized as one of the top contemporary masters of art by Arttour International magazine in their recently released magazine issue "ATIM'S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART for 2017.

"Stefan has within him what it takes to become one of the greatest artists of our lifetime," said Viviana Puello, editor of ATIM.  Their website is

Stefan has now also been nominated by Artist Music Guild as America's Best Freelance Visual Artists Heritage Award, Info for tickets to the event on Nov. 8 are available here.  Stefan won this award in 2015 and was nominated in 2016.  Stefan was also noted by ArtTour International Magazine as one of the world's top contemporary artists in ATIM'S TOP 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art.

Van Gogh, American Van Gogh, Squiggleism, the Epiphany of My Life, Angel Oak, and Stefan Duncan

I just had the epiphany of my life. You ever have one of those moments when suddenly everything in your life comes together to a kind of fate....or journey down a path that you realized had been mapped out for you long before you took your first step. Angel Oak is that for me. Lol.... it all started with the tree...the one I slammed into in a car accident that put me in a coma. It took me on the path to become an artist. And the first painting I ever did back in 2001 or so of "The Glory Tree" go figure... was of a tree with a glorious sun, an oak tree...go figure. And here I am 16 years later, from a guy just beginning art in a very late start, to be posting of a photo of Angel Oak, that seems to have revealed to me a vision of my spiritual faith. From a little newspaper editor of a small town in North Carolina, I become one of the world's top contemporary artists with a spiritual mission started 16 years ago, and today...I have my epiphany that this journey I begin from…

Van Gogh and Stefan Duncan, The American Van Gogh, The Glory Tree

First Original Glory Tree made in prismacolor on Arches Printing Press Sheet, 24 by 30 by Stefan Duncan. $1,500,000.00  Stefan has been dubbed the American Van Gogh by and noted as one of the top 60 contemporary artists of the world by ArtTour International Magazine. Art Business News, "Stefan is one of America's top rising artists."  This work is in Stefan's private collection.  

World Renown Artist Dreams Of Creating A Literary Masterpiece

Stefan is on fire. He is painting everyday, seeking to create paintings of beauty and Light for the world. When he sets aside the brush, he is writing, currently working on a serious work of literature
of life of a young man that will grow into an artist,  during the "wonder years" of the  1960's at Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina.  Stefan has an English Degree and spent half his life writing at newspapers. He has always dreamed to be a published author whose book is literally a work of art. He has studied the greats as James Joyce, Hemingway, Henry James, William Faulkner, etc.

His is known around the world as one of the top contemporary artists of today and hopes his book, "Waccamaw, Where Angels Fall," will be considered as worthy in the world of literature.

"Every word is like a stroke of paint. I am pouring every ounce of my artistic soul into this story inspired from the people I loved and part of my life. The narrative is loosely biographical. The st…