Friday, July 21, 2017


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Squiggleism - a progression to a new branch of Impressionism

"Breaking Through" an example of Squiggleism by creator Stefan Duncan.  Several differences of Squiggleism compared to Impressionism are the strokes are of unblended colors.  Instead of the typical impressionistic short dash, the strokes have a twist or curve and are applied in a staggered, flowing movement.  The overall work can be seen like a symphonic overture with each stroke like a music note. The colors and lengths determine the tones and rhythms.   

Saturday, July 15, 2017

SQUIGGLEISM - A NEW BRANCH OF IMPRESSIONISM. Jackson Pollock's genius was creating a kind of anti-art. He deliberately pushed to stay away from images that developed on his canvas. He stood over a canvas and slung paint from a brush, the brush never hitting the canvas. It reminds me of Picasso saying it took him a lifetime to paint like a child. They broke through the old conventional ways of art, presenting a view of consciousnesses through art not seen before. A great artist must have his own distinct voice. You must learn the traditional ways, the various paths and movements, then push against their limits, what would they evolve into after time? I see Squiggleism as a kind of new branch of impressionism. Some call it Neo-gogh, expressionism, etc. Where I differ from the majority of artists is that I do not blend my colors. When Pollock sought to stray from image, I seek to unveil a flowing connection like a symphonic movement that is ever flowing and moving like musical notes than atoms. The colors are the tones of the notes. The length of flowing lines is the tempo...from fast dashes to long wavering, lingering lines. It is my mission for Squiggleism to gain more gravitas in the art world. I seek now to be among the great artists of our time to push the boundaries of conventional art to expand not only mankind's consciousness but create works that allows the eyes to hear the symphonic movements of nature that may have sway upon the human condition, unveiling a connection not only between man and nature, but the common experience shared by all man that may be recognized as a shared bond of the grand connection between mankind, nature, and the preciousness of life in the ever fleeting time in our brief conscious moments from pre-birth darkness to after death mystery that awaits us all. Stefan Duncan.
July 15, 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017

"Light To The Way."  New painting by Stefan Duncan. 24 by 30. Acrylic.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Salvation Of Art

PTS, Sleep appnea , attention deficient disorder, severe depression, short term memory, from a traumatic brain injury that sounds like a suicide cocktail. The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. Then suddenly there is art... a sense of peace, unlimited attention music that soothes the beast. Art is my salvation. It is my God given outlet out of the darkness. My art represents a reaching to the light out of the darkness, transforming all of the above into a work of beauty where found is hope, salvation, and ascension.

Friday, July 7, 2017

America's X Factor

I feel like one of the America's X Factor tryouts, just walking onto the stage and Simon says, "What is your occupation?"
"I'm an artist."
"Oh, so, are you a full time artist?"
Simon. "How long have you been painting?"
"Over twenty years."
Simon. "Hum. I wonder why after all this time, why haven't you broken through?"
I shrug my shoulders.
Simon. "And how old are you now?"
I just look at him feeling as though my soul has suddenly been impaled three times.
Simon. "Alright, then. You have two minutes to impress the judges who could change your life forever."
I just stand there, looking at him. Then the daydream is over. I'm sitting alone in my house on a farm surrounded by fields of corn with no other house in site. I look at Facebook where my works get several likes. I flip through a couple of magazines and see their monthly artist interviews, an artist sitting on the floor with canvases and brush in hand, a photo of their paintings on the wall, with paragraphs explaining their artistic visions...reminding me of some of my mag interviews when I was younger - the American Van Gogh, one of America's top rising artists, etc. And here I sit. That's about how I've been feeling the last year and why I announced I was retiring. Picking up the brush no longer brought joy but depression. I couldn't fully stop art. I did small digital works. The last two months I started psyching myself up to paint again. Everyday I would post a painting I have already done looking for signs of encouragement and occasional sale.promised Karen reminds me regularly I had promised to do a portrait of her and have two dozen photos/photoshoots from people I have asked to model and yet not done their painting. Was it yesterday, I announced I was turning to painting and even put down a date for an exhibit? And tonight, I just look at the brush unable to pick it up.

Two years ago I was awarded several honors as an artist on national levels. Yet, nothing really came from it. I think that played a big part in my retiring. I always go back to the haunting of Stephen King's words when asked how do you know you are talented. His answer was that when you created something, presented it to the world, and you received a check you could deposit and pay your bills was a sign you had talent.

Because of illness and working on other projects, writing books, I wasn't pounding the streets, doing the art shows, but staying home, posting new paintings on Facebook to give four likes. On the verge of celebrity status, making great sales, drew attention and presented "opportunities" that created a very concerned wife who has an omnipresent eye over everything, especially with me getting people to model for my feminine figures for my paintings. With these dozen factors I became secluded, no personal appearances, no answering of phones, no face to face with friends or family, only brief communications through Facebook. I'd go months without a face to face with anyone but the people at my doctor appointments. I have been sleeping an average of 1 hr. 40 minutes a night, waking from post traumatic dreams so bad I can barely walk into an unlit room. They stopped my med because of my heart fibs, that helped me focus that I am sure attributes a little role in not painting. For over a year I've not been able to read a paragraph without it literally making me comatose. My book writing stopped. When I write now I can't reread or edit because my words get scrambled and mind goes dark.

My wife will roll her eyes seeing what I've written and posted. It makes me look weak and no one wants to buy anything from a loser, but a winner. But, no one really reads this stuff....maybe one or two people.... sigh. It is therapeutic to me, otherwise I would just be sitting mindless - exactly like the time right after my accident, wheelchaired, lost everything, told never walk again and would just sit and sit unable to focus on anything until the discovery with painting I could do that non-stop, giving me peace and making me unaware of the passage of time or the constant pain of my broken bones. Painting was my only solace.... it was my only place to escape...and when I started getting attention and recognition, and seeing the effect it had on people, my self esteem rose...And for over twenty years I made my living as an artist, with every year my sales and income grew more than the year before.....

Now I find myself literally in my wheelchair except now the recliner, sitting mindlessly for hours like I did back in my recovery days before I discovered art that gave me an identity and pride. I wish I could have some electric shock therapy or something to snap me back into painting......but ... it feels almost childish to have the dream...when you are my age and how sales have slowed. My blogging has become my Van Gogh letters.
I feel better now. Hopefully Saturday and Sunday I will begin the new paintings. I want to start some new marketing plans also and get the new works shown. All these new artists are popping up with very colorful paintings. I have to break through to new levels, produce regularly, and get myself out there.

If you stop dreaming you die. I have made my mark and achieved much in the art field. Now, the new phase is on with a push to break into the highest levels I can possibly go. That means....great, breathtaking, soul searching paintings.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


UPDATE - Stefan is coming out of retirement and will be creating acrylic, oil, graphite, and prismacolor paintings. He also will be applying to museums and galleries across America and the world. Stefan has created over 2,000 paintings and retired around a year ago, doing an occasional digital painting or drawing. He will be focusing on doing a series of paintings with the female figure incorporating his Squiggleism and a kind of neo-Klimt style with more colors and strokes. Stefan's annual grand exhibit will be Dec. 3rd in Charlotte. One portrait he will be working on is a portrait of his wife of which much of it will be painted in gold and bronze paint.