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The Last Ride

Soon, I'll have the bike running again. Before its too late, I want to take it on a great ride.....from one end to the other side.... want to live every piece of gravel, write some biker poetry, feel the heat of the sunset burn against my face with the wind howling through my hair, smell the mixture of octane and the rubber on the road, with the rumbling of thunder beneath my thighs.... My soul cries for it. I am so ready. Want to fly like the raven....let my spirit "Caw" in the wild down the Lincoln Highway for the ride of my life.
Back from "Slate" downtown Charlotte where the awards were given.  I felt a little out of place like I was staring in a Louie C.K. episode going to a nightclub with the music and dancing.  I got one of my usual, "You're not from around here you?" and the other, "You're somebody famous aren't you?" Yeah, I'm the most famous, poorest artist you'll ever meet. Going to watch a Louie episode...the tragic comedy, funny how an artist can relate to a comic, both doing what they are passionate about for a living.  Then later, I may start on a new painting. Karen is working tonight. I get up around 530 to go get here.

"Stay Within Me"

The color and Light in this painting always gives me a sense of serenity and healing.  The tree looks like its been through a long winter of dark clouds. Light has broken through and is healing.  The Raven is symbolic of a new enlightenment of the great mystery. The Light also represents the Great Spirit. The tree represents a person.  The mound of earth beneath is its gathered life experiences with the places and people its roots are invested into.

April 13, 2016

I have moved several of the windchimes from my mother's home to our backyard. Today I heard them from the second floor bedroom. Its like hearing the spirit dancing along the breeze. Each morning now, a beautiful cardinal perches on our lawn table chair by the window where I sit. My wife is sleeping upstairs. I'm sitting here with this empty, nulling feeling. I've not been able to find the key to unlock all these stored emotions in me. My brain is like a computer caught between processing an action. Going to art store to get some acid-free sheets and maybe create something.

waccamaw soundtrack