The moment said I was leaving Facebook, I started getting messages. Each very inspiring....and OMG, possibility of more projects with writing and filming..... I need three of me with 60 hour days. I'm not getting any younger and I got to get my dreams into the beginning to happen phase. 2/3 art 1/3 writing, then taking a 1/3 into filming for 2016. Sure, it'll all come together...especially for the filming.... camera, sound, locations, wardrobe/sets, all the little things used in each scene, actors, editors, distributor, writing, script-supervising, directing, painting, marketing, exhibits, events, no problem...will be a breeze and fall all into place, no rush...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. But however crazy all it is, man....I love every minute of it. Conceive, create, publish/production - I'm riding the raven. Between Christopher Forbes ,David L Cook and I, we're gonna rename Monroe, North Carolina into Hollynashwood. Christopher, David, anytime you guys like to step in over here and twinkle a little magic of "make it happen" would surely be appreciated.            Photo below - the new Monroe renamed "Hollynashwood".  With those lights, we'll have aliens landing.
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