The Greatest Gift.

Remember the greatest gift to give is love. We get so concerned over gifts and worries of money that it undermines our hopes to give and receive happiness. There is nothing as valuable and important that family love. With the modern world, the social benefits, the relocations for jobs, also seems a concerted effort to conquer and divide. Mothers are encouraged to be single ...for more benefits. Tax rewards and benefits should go to taxing only one spouse or something..... I am dedicating my artwork for 2014 to the Light Of America....celebrating the Light of the Divine seen so purely and experienced in nature in the world our ancestors lived and valued as sacred..... And yes we will never forget the losses and horrors that befell Native Americans at the coming of the Europeons, but I believe there is good in the country's founding ideas of freedom, the right of speech, religion, and that all men are born equal. I believe the founding fathers of the government based the tenets off Christianity. It was the moral compass, yet to also respect other's religions long as it harm none. I believe the Great Spirit or God is most purely experienced in nature of which our ancestors believed is living in all things. This is why it is so important we learn, preserve, and teach our children. Let 2014 be the year that the Light Of American shines. Let us love our family. Let us stand tall and be proud. We of Second Nations recognise our ancestry, see the Light that shines, and live as united brothers and sisters in our great sacred land of America! Hand to heart, my people and embrace. You are my family. Chief Ravenlight.
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