"LIGHT OF AMERICA" 2014. Through our art, our words, our actions, let us shine with the Light. Let us be proud. Let us feel honor. Let us feel American. Let us be the shining beacon to the world and be the brightest star in sky. Shine on, America. Stand tall. Our torch is falling....grab hold....and lift it higher than before!

2014. MY MISSION AS AN AMERICAN ARTIST. I seek to glorify the Light within the beauty of the untainted American idealism founded under the concept of Christianity, yet respecting the freedom of its people in speech and all religions long as it hurts none. Like capturing the time of innocence of a child that knows no concept of racism, of superiority over another, where dreams can be achieved t...hrough hard work, family ties go unbroken, where giving is rewarded, older age is respected, youth is deemed the most precious commodity, and land as sacred as our churches. This is the America I seek to recapture by my works and actions. This is the year I work for the dream of tapping into the consciousness of the true and good American. The land is the reflection of its people. I seek to represent the spirit of our great land of America of which it was born. My dream is that my work touches the heart of America's people....and to be known as the American Artist.....the American Van Gogh. It was Van Gogh's Starry Night that showed me the Living Spirit could be captured in a painting. And from the lenses, the eyewear he enabled me to see, I have sought to crystalize this vision in a symphonic flow of music through artistic strokes and colors that soothes the soul, inspires hope, and instills the serenity into the viewer as a child does feel cradled in their mother's arms....dispelling fears and sense of hopelessness. In faith, we live in illumination of the Eternal Light. We shall never be overcome by the darkness of nothingness. For we are the creation of the Great One of Light, forever shining. This is my tenet of art. That with each work I create I seek to pierce the darkness that more Light shall be seen by those that seek. And when I depart this physical body, that all my works may shine like a constellation in the sky for generations to come. I want to thank everyone of you that have bought a painting from me. You are making my dream be true and verifying my questions of why I survived three weeks of a coma within moments to die, how my mother got on her knees and pray I breathe when asked to donate my organs....after 20 scans taken of a ruptured spleen had literally, miraculously proven to be wrong, to suddenly awaken with life support turned off with tubes still in my mouth. That with the works I have done and extra breaths I've been allowed to take, that I had given hope or restored the faith of one person. With each painting sold, gives me the means to continue my mission....your mission as my work to also be your instrument. May the Divine use my body and mind, to guide my hand with brush to bring more Light into the world. Please share my testimonial and works of Light that we may spread the illumination of hope and love across the world.
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