Gogh down

A little down today.  Recovering from sore throat.  Have to get up 530 am.  Listening to Dean Kontz's      Winter's  Moon.  Actually about three weeks down.  Today still tired.  May have in mixture artist depression.  Have painting starting today for a church in Huntersville that lost six members in a bus accident several months ago.  Donating the painting.  May be doing a fundraiser painting with with Janet Devin from Ireland that was a sensation on Britain's X Factor.  I was really moved by her voice,  shyness, and soulful eyes.   I've been a little down with three years ago doing so great with painting, but now this Christmas a little dismayed with the paintings and public wanting.  After over ten years of steady climbing suddenly drops.  I am sure much is due to economy.... Maybe a little.  It hurts as an artist putting heart and soul into the work to give the world more Light.  Especially frustrating when a man Fernanaz, tried with murder, then arrested for assault on a female puts a painting of an American Flag on EBay at .99 cents and sold for over $100,000.  That is his first one.  
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