Vincent, Could I Pull Up An Easel?

It is time to ascend.  After taking a few days to evaluate life,  my planned projects from a TV series to creating a national "tribe" of spiritual minded people, I had to make some decisions.  My main mission in my second chance of life is to give the world more "spiritual" Light through my paintings.  I had to stop the path I was going...exhaustion, ill, weight gaining, etc. and had to make some strategic withdrawals, thinking of family and the mission.  My mother also learned she has stage four cancer that I am sure added to my "awakening."

I have been given one of the greatest honors for me I could receive by David Wolk of the Van Gogh Gallery with "leading the contemporary impressionists" in becoming "America's Van Gogh."  Art Business News said I was "one of America's top rising artists."  The TV media has been very kind, WBTV, and of course, You and the others across the world who were kind enough to take the time to write, comment, or buy my paintings.

With the support of my family and art supporters, I am stepping away from my other pursuits to focus on the art to create and market.  I hope my work will one day be considered worthy of noting as among the good artists of our current time.  There are hundreds of factors to determine a good work of art.  But, one of the things I hope my collection of work will be noted was for the spiritual and emotional uplifting.

Each painting is like a dart I throw skyward, hoping to pierce the black view to show a glimmer of the Divine's Light on the other side of the vail.  And when I pass on, I hope my collection of paintings will shine like a constellation in the sky for generations to come.

I often think of Van Gogh, painting and painting without much reward or acknowledgement to never know the impact his art would have on the world.  I so hope that in those last days of his lingering on to life after he shot himself, that he had a chance to ask God for forgiveness.  And right now, Van Gogh is up in Heaven and can see what joy and love his work has stirred in others.....especially me.   If I could do one/millionth of  uplight he has given people around the world, I would be so elated.

Is there a God? Is there a Heaven and Hell? Can we SEE the world if we do have a Heaven?  All is such a BIG mystery.  All we have is our Faith to believe what is true.  Some became religious mainly for mere survival for death is so final.

And I think, what if there wasn't MAN. We are the only creatures so far that we know that can have a concept of God. If we were suddenly vanished... there would be nothing to conceive the idea of God.

I hope there is a God.... a loving creator that we, his children may meet in the a world of love and peace, reuniting with all we loved...... with Starry Night skies.....even Van Gogh himself.  I'd give him the biggest hug and ask if he mind if I pulled up an easel and paint.        Stefan Duncan, April 13, 2015
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