Saw doctor today and trying some new meds.  It's been a combination of things blood sugar, asthma, neurological issues  possibly from head injury.  Had a fever and severe burning of feed to knees, then shoots up back of head and have a dream-like state that gives me this great life understanding...and when I pull myself out of it, I can't remember what it was. Ringing in left ear. 

With new meds and neurological testing hopefully we can get a handle on this and allow me to crawl out of myriad of issues. 

Want to really brighten the colors in the new paintings.  We also want to focus a lot on marketing to have my works start showing in the search images for like impressionism artists, impressionist artists, impressionism landscapes, impressionism great artists, American impressionists, American impressionism. 

We also are seeking to be represented by galleries across the country and world.  Will be happy to paint live at events, charities, etc.

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