Oh, I will. I decided I am going to doing another series called "Ascension" because I do not think I created one painting for that exhibited series that expressed what I was trying to do. I'll do a painting of this in the series, then I am going to push myself past my limit what I want to create: beautiful figures ascending in exaltation into Heaven.

I want Ascension to be my most sacred series. I did not post one painting from the first "Ascension" series because there wasn't a single one that reached the height of what I wanted to express in it. But, with this new revision of "Ascension" I will. I imagine I will be starting on this around March after I return from an island I hope to spend a couple of weeks.

A truly successful painting to me is one that inspires "awe" from the viewer. I want paintings that demands the viewer's attention and gives them the impression that the painting was Divinely inspired. I wish I had the talent to create the beauty I visualize in my mind.

Van Gogh taught me you can see the Divine's Living Spirit in nature. Mozart taught me you can hear the angels sing if you quiet yourself. Now if I can put the two together in a painting...then that is a painting I would feel more worthy of my expression of God's glory.
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