Though alienated, so distant from others, roots uprooted upon a world that seems so cold and frozen, the crown is radiant and blazing at the height of its glory, filled with such great bounty to give....but is it like the tree that falls in... the woods and no one hears? Or a Van Gogh whose life and works remained undiscovered? Does having true love or acceptence in the world really matter at all compared to what our faith hopes to believe is the Glory of God? Should we grieve and fret and scorn a world or even God for our hurts, our broken hearts, our disappointments or fate we deemed is jinxed and daggered with attempted loves with others? Or, through the chaotic cacophony of life, if we deafen ourselves to it, can you hear the sweet choir of angels sing of unconditional love and acceptence to our everlasting souls, where a greater glory awaits us? Is this just a folly, a dream or belief to aspirn the agony our fragile heart's expereinces and endures? Are we glorious blooming trees whose peaks will fade into fallen leaves that will be forgotten, trodden by time and life itself, to be crumbled decaying brown colorless leaves upon the ground? And yet I paint onward, I paint the Glory of God through the blooming trees and Light. I paint because I have to because when I paint I am a musical note swept away in the symphonics of the angels transcended, never knowing if anything I have done will be remembered or will ever have any sustaining impact to the world after I have fallen like a tree amidst a forest unheard. I paint because I have sates the yearning in my soul this need to express the Glory of God, the Faith, the Hope to the world.
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