Commission freeze

March 25,2008

wow, where do I begin. A lady from metrolina asked if we would like to create a gallery in her live in work station on Walker Street in Atlanta. We did, getting there fourth friday of the month and set up two hours after getting there. Sold one painting with promise of other sells but had a nice turn out. It was a real hard drive back. Left like 1130 in the morning. Mary and I stopped at breaksfast at IHOP and got home around 530 a.m.

During the show, "Blaze of Twilight" was shown for the first time. I had her in the corner but strangely every person that entered or group went to that painting and spoke about the tree and the contrast and how it really stood out. We decided not to sell her and just keep her. In the three weeks since, I have two commissions on her. One of them is from Steinvern? they have bought several paintings from me. 14 coins for gambling, 25 years with yellow leaves for knowing each other.

Last week had two sisters walk into the studio at Charlotte Art League. One bought a 2,500 painting and the other commissioned me to do one for her.

March at Metrolina, a lady last name of Bruno said saw me on tv and wanted to commission me. her husband to be is the pit crew boss for a famous nascar racer. Anyway I am doing a 52 by 52 tuscony landscape with a "Charlotte Heart Ball" tree painting and some dates hidden for her special people. She is also having a fundraiser for leucimea...??? letting us set up paintings in her house. Need to have her commission done by then. will work on it this later, afternoon.

Still have to do the commissionered charlote Heart Ball painting for a couple that met me at the Metrolina for $5,000.00.

Did a beautiful "The Dancer" for a doctor, 24 by 48. I am going to do another so we can use it as our logo.

House............ Big beautiful house we are getting. was planning on putting thousands into the thing as I sold commissions and on the way home I asked Mary , what my mom kept asking me and some others, what if something happens to you mary, what would happen. She said her sister would get the house and I had to deal with her. My heart just sank. I could see me four years from now with 40,000 invested in the house and me paying half the mortage, something happens to Mary, I am kicked to the curve, her sister sells the house 150k more and gets it and I am with nothing and without a place to stay. (I am pretty sure I'll probably be the first to go, but it's just the thought of that, pride, etc. Never had anything of my own. At least would be nice to be given the option to buy the house at the same terms it was bought, giving her sister their money back and I take other....... mom would sell her house and with that move in... and if I sold the house would be so nice to give a little kickback to her sister on top of mary's money.

Anyway, we've not spoken for over a day. We'll resume back to talking but my enthusiasm of getting the house, having a gallery with it, putting in 10,000 in the first three months for walls and floor repairs......ohhhhhhhhhhh.... :( .

Okay........last month, a man saw my work at the metrolina, I had bought some sotheby's books from him. He asked if I knew the artist Dimitris Chiparus. I didn't. Saw the "Starfish" had to buy it - a copy of it - and now I am doing more lady forms in the trees, much more detailed and shapely than so loosely with Lady in Red.

Kristen is back from her trip to Florida with her family. Bought her husband a little bass statue. Tomorrow have first class at Cheap Joes then going to charlotte art league for a commission consulation from a lady that had seen my paintings at black lion in Mooresville.

Yesterday an artist from charlotte art league came in and said she , Terry Tirrion, had gone to the New York Art Expo and said I had to go. She said have consistent style and good presentation was the key and said alot of gallery owners were going to this event and that I show get a very large booth like 5,000 and do my thing. Shelbybob? artist across from me said get a fire repelant on my banner or they would keep me out of the show. So, looks like we are going to New York, just have to visualize the $10,000 in unexpected sells to come in next month that will cover all of that so we can get in and get a spot soon as registration is available.

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