Inspirations During a Commission

On occassion and especially with someone new working with me, express concern when looking at the start of a commission that it does not appear it's going to be very pleasing or close to the concept given the client during the commission consultation. I started explaining about the painting and thought it may be of interest to those that are artists and those that appreciate my work.
I am putting in four hours a day in CAL with the painting now. I just feel if I can create what I envisioned fully developed, it will be a very beautiful painting and taking the poetic license change. In the process of creating, sometimes a sudden flash of envisioning becomes very exciting implemented upon an original concept that can make the work more glorious or miss it's mark, but sometimes you have to take that gamble as a true artist and right now I am willing to take that gamble...if it doesn't work, I'll go back to the original....but the new envisionings have been like added crescentos and magicial sparkles to an otherwise more sutle melody that stays in a flowing stream without the sharpes and flats.

It's the magic of spontaneous inspirational combustion that can make the mundane glorious. This is where Divine inspiration intervenes. It strikes like lightning on a clear blue sky. It is the closest thing to the original moment that out of nothingness the Divine creates something into being...something fresh and new never before beheld by another. So when it comes you have to surrender to it. You have to open yourself up to it and you conduct it with your brush like a madly inspired Mozart. And those on the outside may view the intitial strokes and first strand of melody attributed to a mad man with no direction engulfed in the chaos of a titantic tempest of unstructured madness....are awed when the symphonic movement jells together into a creation of sublime beauty that spellbounds and thrills and ascends the soul as if just witnessing the first moment of creation of the universe.
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