Lois Chazen Stefan-I love what looks like a ' Ray of Crystal' streaming to HER TREE. This painting depicts 'Little Tree' in Dru's book, 'Grandfathers Dream'. The Spirit of transformation between Mother Earth and Human Spirit- capturing the essence

"The Spirit of transformation between Mother Earth and Human Spirit." In a way I guess that is what I have been trying to do with my art, uniting human and nature spirit together, thining the veil between the two... transcendence of human spirit with Mother Earth Spirit. Like being strands of musical notes or melodies the other can not hear unless you really open yourself up and listen....and then you discover that everything has a musical phrase and it's all interweaved into this massive all encomposing universal symphonic movement.

Lois Chazen Now...that is music to my ears! Out of body Souls only need the encomposing symphonic movement and vibration throughout the dimensions and we are all connected- from the lower to the upper- we are all ONE and the sooner human Beings underst...and this and also understand that in being ONE with our Creator means that we are ONE with each - we would find the Heaven on Earth as those who pray- pray for!
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