Wednesday, Roger and I found a new boat landing. Had to park the car beside the road and carry our boats in. We paddled into Dove Cove. The water was only several feet and we could see the bottom. There were carp the length of my elbow to my arm moving around in schools. There were several turtles. You can see plumes of dust rise from the bottom as fish were startled by our presence.
Once we moved into the main channel we headed up river against the wind and current. We traveled several miles and found a branch off of the water. The passage was narrow, the length of our boats and you could not turn in a circle but had to do like three point turns. Over hanging branches cast rays of light on the water that were refracted into more rays that illuminated the bottom in patches. Yellow and purple flowers, with the occassional red flower dotted the banks. You can see the schools of fish. The crickets are loud. We paddled north but stopped maybe a mile or so from the Latte Planation area. We headed back. The current seemed to have died with the wind. It started to get hoter, around 130 p.m.
The little off shoot branch we had traveled down was pretty amazing. You had the feeling few have ventured into this. Roger had his map and of course I brought the wrong one.
Roger is always on the go. He does more in one week of events than I do in a year. He is at least 100 times more better off financially than I, (I hope so.. which is a good thing if he is a financial advisor) ..... he has the bigger and newer cars, a wonderful home... So when I can get like a compass or a boat light added to my boat that he does not have... I am bursting with pride. It's a little joke..... and of course.... Roger sees what I have added... so then he gets now I have to find something else new he doesn't have. :).
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