Aug. 27...Aug 25th New River, Va/Nc. SouthFork

Had a meeting about doing a demo at Matthews, N.C. in several days. And a "live" event there this coming weekend I think?....

Mom had kind of a rough day with pain. Sees doctors on Monday.

Raven is wild as ever, leaping, dashing, chewing, yelping, charging.... signs of a happy-hyper pup. Today I got one of those laser lights and shine the dot on the floor and cry, "Squirrel!" and Raven darts toward it and chases it around the room. Cleaning lady was here today and I'm trying to keep everything the way she left it.. but kind of hard with huricane raven alias transmanian devil....

Today we went to Lake Norman, launching off at a T... park there. We paddled several miles, more like me paddling five times as much as Roger doing these easy graceful strokes. Stopped at the bar/restuarant there, then dashed for the home stretch. The landing was far from the parkinglot and we had to lug the boats a little ways. The water was very warm and still except for the waves by a passing boater. There is a tiny island out there with a couple of trees that I took a photo of and will do a painting.

Tuesday we launched off at Zoola's in Va. and took the New River South Fork. It was a 10 mile paddle. We ran into some 1's and 2's rocks and were literally pulled downstream most of the way. There were some incredible views of the mountains in the background... some trees on the bank and flowers. We passed an old house with broken windows and long johns hung to dry on the porch.
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