SQUIGGLEISM - A NEW BRANCH OF IMPRESSIONISM. Jackson Pollock's genius was creating a kind of anti-art. He deliberately pushed to stay away from images that developed on his canvas. He stood over a canvas and slung paint from a brush, the brush never hitting the canvas. It reminds me of Picasso saying it took him a lifetime to paint like a child. They broke through the old conventional ways of art, presenting a view of consciousnesses through art not seen before. A great artist must have his own distinct voice. You must learn the traditional ways, the various paths and movements, then push against their limits, what would they evolve into after time? I see Squiggleism as a kind of new branch of impressionism. Some call it Neo-gogh, expressionism, etc. Where I differ from the majority of artists is that I do not blend my colors. When Pollock sought to stray from image, I seek to unveil a flowing connection like a symphonic movement that is ever flowing and moving like musical notes than atoms. The colors are the tones of the notes. The length of flowing lines is the tempo...from fast dashes to long wavering, lingering lines. It is my mission for Squiggleism to gain more gravitas in the art world. I seek now to be among the great artists of our time to push the boundaries of conventional art to expand not only mankind's consciousness but create works that allows the eyes to hear the symphonic movements of nature that may have sway upon the human condition, unveiling a connection not only between man and nature, but the common experience shared by all man that may be recognized as a shared bond of the grand connection between mankind, nature, and the preciousness of life in the ever fleeting time in our brief conscious moments from pre-birth darkness to after death mystery that awaits us all. Stefan Duncan.
July 15, 2017

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