Squiggleism style of painting, a Living Spirit Art by Stefan Duncan

The Squiggle Tree is one of my most "squiggled" paintings with the unblended paint strokes covering the entire canvases. This method and style is very intense with detail and color. While there are artists producing wonderfully colored paintings, they have less than 10 percent or more of detail than just large swabs of colors.  The colors are maximized for being unblended and juxtaposed to colors opposite of them on the color wheel that really make them pop. Also, my paintings have a 3D effort for the systematic way I place the objects on the canvas.  Then, there is the movement.  Movement is one thing I was so blessed is that movement has always come naturally for me. When I paint, it is like I hear music playing in the scene that I am creating, catching its descents and crescendos, that each note is a tone of color. I also call it a kind of "Living Spirit Art" with each stroke a representative of the Divine's essence.  That if the Divine spoke out of nothingness, the vibrations spread across the universe and when beginning to slow, the physical is created - romantic artistic theory.
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