1. I am very serious and on the "warpath" to reach the zenith of the mountain by creating the most beautiful/emotional/spiritual paintings I can that will reach the four corners of the world. Working 18 hours a day, painting or marketing. I need to reach the right people that collect art along with the populace, do exhibits across the world. The time is now. I need everyone's blessings and support ... because that is my fuel that keeps me burning. Love your feedbacks...your purchases when you can on originals or prints. I am the authentic, true to heart artist that is giving my all to the world for the mission of creating these special paintings. Love you guys. Hope to be recognized as one of the top contemporary masters of our time. It is a title that demands beyond human skill and the highest of passions...for the truest kind of artist...not one just of design or ego, but with an artistic, spiritual mission, who has studied the masters before him, taking on their paths and forge ahead into higher, newer artistic grounds. And behind it - for all mankind. With the nomination as the best 15 contemporary artists of the world in Florence, Italy in May, I have to turn up the heat so that I can be seated there in the audience when the names are called and that beautiful angel statue award is given.
Dec. 11, 2016

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