Experiencing A Stefan Duncan Painting

     Encountering a Stefan Duncan painting is equivalent to being a deer frozen in the headlights. Moments pass and you suddenly become aware of yourself again, pulse racing, mouth open, eyes wide. You feel you have been struck in awe. It is not just a painting, but literally a living, breathing thing, with ever commanding presence whose power renders you momentarily helpless. To experience these human emotions is so rare and priceless. Mysteries In Moonlight by Stefan Duncan is a... masterpiece that defines "Glorious" and shouts to the world "Behold!" This is a work of art that makes you imagine what the Star of Bethlehem must had been to the Three Wise Men. This is truly a magnificent work of art that leaves no doubt Stefan Duncan is one of the greatest artists of our lifetime. In the beginning he may have been inspired by Van Gogh, but now Stefan is blazing his own path into the immorality of the art world. Signed Anonymous .
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