TWO SPECIAL NIGHT EVENTS: I feel I have broken into a higher level with my art using twice as many colors and illuminism in my nature scenes. For one of the events, I would like to do a special exhibit featuring 20 plus paintings. If there is a special charity organization that would like to be part of this, I can give a percent of the sales to them and perhaps have one painting that can be bidded on starting at zero. 
     For the second event, I would like to make it a Black and White affair. I will exhibit new black and white paintings, and all that come be dressed in black and white. Maybe we can have a dinner involved with that. Perhaps a charity would like to get involved. Charge per plate, auction one painting, and a percent of the other paintings sold will go to the charity.
smile emoticon As a self-employed artist with some disabilities, when I do an exhibit, I fill like I am a charity unto myself. Those of you that have bought a painting from me, it has allowed me to continue painting. Around 20 years ago, while in Fayetteville, I dedicated my life and mission to God. I was sitting in Cape Fear Studios looking at a tree illuminated by the sun when it dawned on me what I was to do with my life. I remember the exact words I said, "God, long as you provide the means for me to live and paint, I shall paint for the glory of you." From that day 20 years ago to the present, I have no idea how much money I may have each month. But, somehow, someway, God has kept his end of the bargain. There have been a number of times when I only had a number of days left I'd be booted out on the street, but out of no where someone contacts me to buy a painting, then several others. Wow.
     So if you buy a painting from me, know, you truly have supported the arts. I have done over 2,000 paintings....the canvases, the paints, brushes, etc., all only made possible by the sales.
     There are a number of you that are the "host" of charity events that I have worked with already. If you would like to jump in and us create a wonderful, magical night, please let me know.
     (When I was in my coma, I was standing on the pier at Lake Waccamaw. I saw a shaft of Light from the Sun to the surface of the lake. And to the right of this, I saw my grandfather in his fishing boat. He reached backwards and produced my old yellow jacket I had worn as a boy and said, "I got your jacket, Stefan! I got your jacket!" He stood up and waved the jacket.      This vision I had, has given me such peace. Because when I die, when my spirit is free, it will join my awaiting grandfather in the boat and we will drift into the Light...the doorway to Heaven.

The paintings for this exhibit for depict the gateways to Heaven within the beams of Light. "Gateways to Heaven" is what I shall call the exhibit. Please contact me if you are interested having a place for the exhibit and being part of a charity. 
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