My declaration of the life I have left.
My favorite time of day....the sunset. I always make it a point to watch the sun in its final descent. There is something spiritual to me about it. I love how the sky becomes imbued with yellows and purples and pink. The colors effect everything around making it to me the most beautiful time of the day. Its symbolic of life....our ending to a new beginning. And I hope, when my time comes, the memories of me will be as beautiful as a sunset. My favorite place of sunset is watching it over Lake Waccamaw. While in my coma I was standing at the pier on the lake looking at a shaft of light from above to lake surface. My grandfather was sitting by the light in his fishing boat. He called out to me and waved my yellow jacket I had worn as a boy...telling me he had it. And that scene has given me such peace in my soul.
For if there is an afterlife....if there is a soul and we have a consciousness....wherever I die, I know my soul will fly like a raven to the lake, to that shaft of Light where my Grandfather Roy will be waiting in his boat to walk me through the Light. Heaven will be rich in color, happiness, and love...reuniting with all those we loved.....and of course if all this is so....the greatest moment of receiving an embrace with Jesus.
So...for all the wrongs I've ever done or hurt I have caused others, I ask for your forgiveness and will work every day of the life I have living of seeking to beautify the world with paintings of the Light and words of inspiration. I seek to live with the Light of Love in my heart that will shine through my paintings to illuminate in the hearts of darkness that they may see the world through a prism lens of Love and Hope.
Stefan Duncan, Feb. 19,2016
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