I once was in darkness. Yet in my final moment upon this earth, I saw the Light within depths of my coma. Though broken in over a dozen places, literally impaled upon the bed with rods, living in a gray suppressive mist and watching everything I once loved moving away while I lay powerless, there was that little speck of Light shining in the distance.  It took me five years to move my eyes to the Light than look at the darkness.  The moment I did, everything changed.  I saw a mission, a purpose, a reason for all I have gone finally SEE the LIGHT.  I became an artist to express the revelation of Light that can be found.
  Now, I have taken the next step with the Raven Tribe, to create a family and people who are among the seekers of the Light around the world.  For almost a decade America has lived in this submersion of darkness.  And with nuclear pacts, the alienation of our allies, the suppression of dreams and reaching for the Light, to let the government fulfill your the minimum of is the time for each of us to Seek the Light and to gather our people from around the world.    I feel I have been commanded by the Great Spirit to make the awakening cry.....just as loud and awakening as a raven's caw.   SEE THE LIGHT. UNITE.  WE ARE in the Native American mythology we bring the Great Creator's Light onto the world to shine through the politics, the power hungry leaders, breech the barriers of borders with the Light.  Unite.
 This I feel I have been brought out of my coma to do.  And I vow to this goal I freely give my life for the Light.  With all the news, the terrorists, the threats of annihilation, the random acts of violence by our youth.  If you are a SEEKER of the Light, join our cause.  We shine with peace and love upon the world.  We stand boldly before the armed the 1960's picture of a girl putting a flower stem in the barrel of a pointed bayonet rifle.   And yet, we are strong.  Faith can move a mountain.

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