Late Night

Sunday.......Ahhhhhhh..... We were up to 2 a.m. at the Charlotte Art League. Karen was going through inventory of paintings, labeling and pricing.  I was working on the website.  I've taken some actions that will allow me more time to focus on marketing, creating art, and writing.  I hope to lift the art to higher levels in beauty, spiritual meaning, and sales.  A dream is to acquire land at Lake Waccamaw and open up a gallery with the lake as a backyard.  No matter what I was doing everyday, to stop and sit at the end of the pier and watch the sunset. Oh, what a dream.  Today, the body cast mold should be ready to be painted.  It's taken us weeks to get it right. I've been commissioned to do my version of Starry Night on it.   Also, will be writing on Raven's Light 2.  I've been listening to the soundtrack from Elder's Scrolls Online.  An exhibit of Van Gogh is at the Discovery Place in Charlotte and hope to see it this week.   I am also going to start promoting the "American Van Gogh" so luckily been given by  I would love to participate with exhibits focusing on Van Gogh.  In Oct., there is a show called, "Becoming Van Gogh," in Denver.  I went to Este's Park where Stephen King wrote much of the "The Shining," for a writer's convention,  during an American Horror Writers Association Convention. 
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