Snapshot of the moment.

What a week.
1. Chicago kidnapping.
2. Gov. Lying about a terrorist attack.
3. IRS singling out conservatives with Tea Party.
4. Seeing crime scene photos of Jodi Arias. So horrible and shocking. Then you hear others shouting for her death. I understand much was for her lying and statement she would never be found guilty - it's just a sad situation all around.
5. Person disguises them self on amazon to give me two scathing reviews and personal attack without reading the book.
6. Spent two weeks painting studio black only to be told after the fact I can't have black walls. The studio seems so beautiful to me.
7.  You always try to be kind and just focus on your work and and some people have to go out of their way to hurt you in some fashion...out of jealousy or just meanness. It seems the brighter the Light shines within you, the more you become a target.  They hid their identity.
8. Saw four people this week come close to fighting - strangers in public places.
9. For three weeks felt on the verge of crying for no reason.  I hid for a bit and smoke a flavoured cigar and get criticised out of love for it and react like a cat cornered with claws out.  I think stress, post traumatic syndrome, almost diabetic, and meds have something to do with it.  Art and writing my refuge.  And now I have to apologise.  I think I about covered everything for a snapshot of the moment. Deep breath. Peace and love.
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