Yandell Family Portrait

Poses taken from photoshoot and put together for the painting of the Yandel Family Portrait. Wall Photos .. Like · · Share · 19 minutes ago near Charlotte. .. . Stefan Duncan Yandel Family Portrait. Commissioned. Will be exhibited tonight only at 15 North. "Yandel Family Tree" by stefan duncan | ArtWanted.com ArtWanted.com.. Like · · Share · 24 minutes ago. Stefan Duncan wow...finished at 5 a.m. this morning...I've been up all night. 12 minutes ago · Like. Stefan Duncan I'm exhausted. For weeks I have worked straight through. I feel like Mozart in the movie Amadeus after finishing an finished a symphonic movement and literally lifeless afterwards. It's like inspiration hits me like Lightning...and when the work is done, you're left like a piece of charred wood. 5 minutes ago · Like. Stefan Duncan I can truly say, I've given my all to the best of my ability physically and spiritually. The better painting is when the artist does the best he can and expresses himself truly. I worked hard to be spiritually receptive to inspiration. Now, the show is tonight. I hope people will see and feel a hint of God's essence...His illumination in my work.
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