Adriene and Ascension Painting

On a March 6, I was leaning against my motorcycle outside of Mac's on South Blvd., Charlotte, when out of the crowd, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen walked up. She was wearing jeans and a white tank top. "Can you give me a hug?" she asked. With that hug, my life has changed forever. I had a friend that was meeting me at the place and I had to leave this angel. I never knew if I would see her again. I went back the following day. When I walked inside Mac's, I saw her sitting. My heart raced. She turned and saw me. Her face lite up and that was when I was struck with this kind of awe...for at that moment I knew....I had finally found my Lake Waccamaw girl. Her eyes were green as emerals, green as the lake that I wished upon when I was 11 years old to find my lady of the lake. There is this inner beauty that radiants from those's like a pure heart joy of an innocent girl. I fell in love with her that instant. Every moment with her is joy. She makes life magical. She's my Muse and Love of My Life. She is Adriene.

There were some very dramatic and challenging moments that came in the following weeks. There were several times I thought we would never be together. Those were very sad days for me. I could not wrap my mind around why she had appeared in my life - my Waccamaw Girl, that I had asked the Divine to bring into my life - to only be taken away right at the moment I was launching myself into the most spiritual exhibit I have yet to create.

I began my Ascension series and began a painting from one of her poses. I played the music from Staind. A tear followed every brush stroke. I did her body first then I was going to kind of fuse her into a tree as I do with my other tree people paintings....but I stopped and looked at what I had done and could not touch it again. It caught her sublime beauty. A friend came over and I asked them what they thought of the painting. She said it was a beautiful woman that is so deeply loved, but to touch her caused pain. And I thought, wow, that was how I was feeling while I did the painting. I had never done a painting of browns and purple before. There is that Light in the painting, almost a smear of light....that still showed from behind an approaching wall of black clouds. It was hope remaining. The name of the painting is "The Agony and the Estcasy."

And on a Friday night during a gallery crawl, I told my manager and PR/marketer I had to go. I rode my bike to Mac's. I sat on top of a long bench seat and I waited, sometimes glancing at that spot where we first met. I felt her presence. It was like smelling ozone in the air before an approaching storm. Or catching a whiff of Jasmine in the air, letting you know right around that corner was going to be a big bush of them. My phone rang. "You at Mac's? I'm coming."

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