Monday morning.ohhhhhhhhh

Returned Saturday from Fayetteville. I had several new students. It was a fun class and wonderful having children that listen and sit and follow instructions. Had diner with Mom. We went to a bookstore and I got an audio book on the Pre-world of Lord of the Rings. Been listening to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. On book two. Only 9 more to go. Listen to it while I drive. Wonder how many years it will take me?

Finshed Bill's "The Path." Matthew to pick up Sotheby painting. We finally got approved the Masion Bleue House Wine painting. Working on third 24 by 48 tall painting with black and white background and black tree. I've done two of those so far.

Thought Sunday was Monday until I was heading out the door. It's Monday now, going to Cheap Joes and buying three packs of canvases and some black paint and several brushes. Afterwards, going to Charlotte Art League to my studio and paint rest of the day and teach class there tonight.<
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